A little bit about me! hmmm…

I love quiet time, relaxing weekends and champagne! Umm.. champagne may be the only truth to that statement. I am really a mom of four who LOVES interrupted bathroom time, crazy, family fun, sports filled weekends and did I mention champagne! I am a creative. (not speaking for all those creative minds) but for me that means I write how I talk,  I can’t spell or do math. I am horrible at driving directions, and I make up my own vocabulary! So please bear with me! I promise to post lots of pretty pictures and share my creative juices with you!

I have been doing graphic design and event planning for over 17 years now. I can actually say that I love what I do every day! I did the whole corporate 9-5, rush hour traffic for many, many years. Then one day decided to take a leap with lots of prayers and support from my fully supportive hubby to quit the corporate world!  Today, it is just me. I still work in the corporate world, just in my p.j’s if I want! I set my career path to have the work life balance. Especially being a mom of 4.  Now I never miss a deadline or a random school party! I do work all hours the day to pull that off sometimes- but well worth it to have a chance to be there for my family and continue my passion and career. Blessed, I know I am. Lots of prayer for this lifestyle!

Mom of 4. So let me tell you about those 4. Hayden (13), Lexi (10), Kylie (10) (yes there are twins in there, don’t worry it’s not my math!) and Huddy (4). So over 11 years experience in mommy hood and learning every day! Each one of my babies are little miracles with a testimony to share!  Love those crazy 4!

I wanted to start moxie momma to help all those moms out there that have to keep up with Mrs.Pinterestpinterst boards! Don’t get me wrong, I love them too- but I know the pressure of throwing that swanky first birthday, being the best team mom ever and making sure you have the cutest teacher gifts! I don’t want to stress you – I just want to help! Providing creative inspiration and resources!  Did I mention I love pretty pictures? Submit your pictures to share your creative projects or events! I love to see those swanky birthday parties you worked so hard on!!

I hope moxie momma will become your go-to creative resource!





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