Collage Walls

You can do this on a budget! Don’t go out and spend a ton on frames and items to fill a collage wall!

Here is a good start to get those pictures up!


Pictures, Mod Podge, Paint Brushes, Craft Paint or left over paint that you have on hand, wood plaques or scrap pieces


1. First, print out the pictures you would like to put up! So you know about what sizes wood plaques you will need. You can find these at your craft store- or use left over scraps of wood from projects around the house. They do not have to be beveled or have shapes, they could just be scrap pieces of wood!
2. Paint your wood pieces



3. After the paint has dried, I chose to sand my pieces to give it a little aged look- not needed!


4. Paint Mod Podge on the back of the picture and lay on top of the wood.


5. Begin to brush the Mod Podge over the whole piece of wood and picture

Don’t worry! It will dry clear!



This ^ is just a piece of left over wood!

Find things that you already have around the house to fill in spaces! Hung the girls ballet shoes! Pin up some baby items, sports items, empty hooks, knobs, those little knick knacks that you can never find a space for!


The collage wall is coming together! I did not even measure anything out! That would drive some people nuts I know! I think that is part of the design! Eyeing where you need to fill space and letting it flow in a creative style!!


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