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On to this next chapter! I landed the best gig ever! Lots of prayers to get to this stage of my career. I have learned so much along the way! 1. family comes first!( already knew that, but had to keep it first) 2.Hard work=success. Yup, those simple two things that you think you know are the answers! It is easier said then done, because with hard work comes sacrifice to your family. I am so blessed to have the support of my family and friends for whatever projects or journeys I seem to fall into. Seasons of life=growth. I finally feel settled in the career department. ( now my house is a different story, and will make a great post I promise. ” how to sell a home with 4 crazy kids”) I have found the best clients ever! LOVE that I get to work from home or wherever I want, be there for my kiddos and do what I LOVE to do every single day. It has taken soooo long to get here, and it is such a blessing. After many, many, many, many prayers and chats with God about this work/life balance thing- I am now ON MY OWN!  This piece is just another part to the big picture and the plans God has for me and my family! So exciting! So, just wanted to introduce you to Moxie Designs. It’s the same thing I have been doing, my same work, just a little re-brand! Working on the website now, it is a work in progress for sure! Check it out if you have a minute and keep me in mind for your next creative project!!!


Now, moxie momma! It’s just me sharing all these fun parties and creative mommy things! I am always getting asked for creative ideas. I figured I would create a spot to share! I’ll post as many free creative resources, finds etc! Lots of pictures for inspiration- you get it! Follow moxie momma, share, pin, find on facebook! Thank you in advanced! It is just the start, so pulling things out of the vault to make sure I can have all my past parties as resources!! Send me your party pictures to share!!! Thanks for the support as always!!


XOXO, Kelly


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