She LOVES me | Mother’s Day Gift Idea

she loves me


She LOVES me, She LOVES me n..- you know she LOVES you and your kid(s)! Perfect gift idea for that special lady that makes a difference and shows LOVE all year long!

FREE printable to go along with this gift idea (click here to download)

Looking for  thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day! Perfect little something to bring over to Grandma’s house!

Pretty simple! All you need is:

Love, scissors, glue dots or tape, tissue paper ( if you like), a single stem flower or handmade flowers, computer paper and a printer!

1. Sit down with your kid(s) and think about what they love about their ______! What does she do for them that makes them feel special and loved? How do you know she LOVES you-it’s in those little things that she does.

I know you love me because you make chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of a heart when we sleepover! You always have an extra toothbrush on hand! You call or text when there is a big test! You cheer me on the sidelines! You make the best broccoli bites!! I love when you let me help garden!

2. Download and print Moxie Momma’s printable! (click here)

Free Printable

2. Gather your supplies, find a jar that you have at home such as a mason jar, or even an empty soda bottle or Starbucks jar!

3. Write down your reasons and memories!

4.  Cut out your petals and label with your reasons and memories!

5.  Stuff your tissue paper on the bottom of the jar if you choose to add tissue!

6. Wrap the label around the jar to your liking! Glue dot it or tape it!

7. Place your flower(s) in the jar

8. Drop your petals in

9. Deliver with LOVE!



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